Mr.Ravi Bhanot
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Mr. Ravi Bhanot
JP MRPharmS Dip(Hom.) Dip(Nutr.) Dip(Ayur.) Dip(Stress Management) Dip.(Massage)
With Mike Gapes MP Ilford South
With Lee Scott MP, Ilford North

"Ravi Bhanot is an inspirational teacher who is very generous in sharing his knowledge.  He makes the complexities of Ayurvedic Wisdom very accessible and simple to grasp.
"He has a very light touch with all that he does and leads by example with his calmness and positive approach to everything

Norah Catherine McCullagh

"I have known Ravi Bhanot for many years and I believe he embraces all that is great about our industry: author, industry expert, speaker, motivator, successful businessman and will be shining example to carry the torch in The Olympics 2012"

Ian Archibold

Ian Archbold
Show Director
Olympia Beauty Show.
Tel:  01959 569867

Celebrating Ravi Bhanot's 50 years of life

"Life is about making a difference, growth and contribution with a large dollop of love. For me it revolves particularly around the disadvantaged and in the world of health and beauty. Have you wondered what it is for you? "

I believe to succeed in life you need to know where you are going and plan accordingly. For me life is ….to enjoy being successful, loving, playful and making it happen daily. What is it for you? Email to let me know. 

Work wise my wife Sushma have worked researched and coined revolutionary health and beauty systems based on Ayurvedic  natural botanicals and principles.
 We are authorities on Hair Loss and Hair Thinning, Slimming, Ayurvedic based Therapies and Massages. We have written 2 books ‘The 6 Taste Diet’ and ‘Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow’. To see the Book Launches at The House of Lords.

For slimming see our revolutionary way of losing weight and staying trim and fit. ‘Slimmer in 1 Hour...Slimmer Forever Book’ is now also available from  or from To see the video 'How the CoolSlim Plan works' click here.“It is a refreshing plan, based on tried and tested principles, sensible and practical,” Prof. Rob Campbell from Bolton University called it. To start on The CoolSlim Plan or for a free Daily Tip of the Day email

We have devised a plan, The Nutrigro Hair Retention Plan, to keep hair healthier and for the growth of existing hair.  It is based on our book ‘Hair Today …Hair Tomorrow’. ‘This exclusive work provides a unique approach to keeping hair healthy for longer. I am confident people will find this extremely useful,’ said Prof. Romesh Gupta from Univ. of Bolton.

 For the growth of existing hair and a healthy scalp visit To find out the cause of your hair loss email

NUTRIGRO ...nutrition for existing hair growth
The Nutrigro® hair plan is summarized by the acronym:
N - nutrition
u - use the Nutrigro® capsules, serum, shampoo and conditioner
T-Trim by exercising daily
R - Routine of Ayurvedic head massage and removing toxins,
I - Imagine yourself daily enjoying great hair skin and health
GRO - growth

To buy the book Hair today…Hair tomorrow by going to  or sign up for my action packed informative secrets tips to great hair, skin and beauty. To see the video 'How the Nutrigro Hair Plan works' click here

For revolutionary ways of looking beautiful naturally using Ayurvedic therapies and botanicals visit We have devised some revolutionary therapies which are available through beauty salons throughout Britain. I also co-founded the Ayurveda Institute of Europe to teach Ayurvedic therapies and massages. The Ayurveda Institute of Europe is now one of the leading institutes in Europe teaching Ayurvedic therapies and massages.

Visit for more details.
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Ravi Bhanot"s Book  
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As a public speaker and trainer one of the purposes of my life is to educate, train and empower people about Ayurvedic massages and therapies as well as on life style, health and motivation. I give regular talks around Britain in a number of colleges, national exhibitions and fairs around the country and have appeared on satellite TV channel health shows too. As co-founder and Director of The Ayurveda Institute of Europe I am dedicated to training therapists make Ayurvedic massages and therapies as popular in Britain as they are in many countries around the world. Under the patronage of Lord Dholakia and Prof. Dr. Chitanand Murthy, The Institute is now the leading Ayurvedic Institution in Britain and has now trained therapists from every corner of Britain.